How UNHCR Is Helping?


UNHCR has raised the curtains for the persecuted members of the LGBT community to register as refugees. It’s a right that should be extended to any person in dire need.

Since this change in 2012, UNHCR officially recognizes the unique hardships this community faces within the asylum system. In response, UNHCR trains all field workers on how to avoid stereotypes, use respectful means of communication, and employ sensitive interview techniques.

A special emphasis is placed on physical security and safety for all people who cite persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Measures of prevention and response are in place to avoid abuse and exploitation including sexual and gender-based violence and are ensured by UNHCR.


We must stop turning our backs on LGBT refugees! Now is the time to speak up and drive attention to their plights. Show them that there are people — like you! — who stand by them.

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  • Share this link as widely as you can, let everyone know that Rainbow Refugees deserve the right to love.